Fried fish dumpling is what English speakers call Batagor a.k.a Bakso Tahu Goreng which is an Indonesian fried dish originally from West Java region. There are plenty other mouth watering Indonesian dishes which are just a delight to consume, but since I have been craving for Batagor in the past 3 weeks, I guess it’s the right topic to talk about today.

In general, it is made of blended Wahoo fish meat stuffed in a tofu, however one can always substitute the Wahoo fish with other ingredients such as Tuna and Prawn. Once fried, Batagor will be cut into bite pieces and topped with peanut sauce with a swirl of sweet soy sauce and a dash of lime juice.I usually add a little bit of chili paste to give it an extra kick. I really like the crispy and crunchy texture of this dish and when combined with the sauce it is like a match made in heaven πŸ™‚

Talking about Batagor brings so many fun memories of my work trips to Bandung with a dear friend. We got very excited every time we had to visit our customer there and always avoid Thursdays so we could stop by at the famous Batagor restaurant in the city. Then, we’ll order some more to bring home. I guess we just couldn’t get enough of it.Β Overall in Indonesia, it is pretty easy to find it in street hawkers and restaurants. Unfortunately that’s not the reality here in Melbourne. So I am still on my search for the best Batagor this city can offer or should I give up then I guess I just have to make my own.

Feature image source is from Wikipedia.


70 thoughts on “[EF] Delish Fried Fish Dumpling

  1. Looking at the photo makes me feel hungry. I want to eat batagor right now :).
    Sebenarnya apa pun olahan ikan tenggiri, aku sulit untuk menolaknya, Mbak Mikan πŸ™‚ Habis, rasanya gurih dan enak.

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  2. Yay. She’s back. Hehehe
    Batagor Ririe – Melbourne should be nice Mba. It is aligned with your name also. So instead of coffee shop, opening Batagor and any other authentic Indonesian cuisines there is more promising, I guess.

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  3. beberapa waktu yang lalu juga nyicip batagor. pas lihat tukang batagor keliling, istri beli. saya juga mau. eh tinggal beberapa potong aja, akhirnya dicampur siomay… bumbunya sama juga πŸ˜€

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  4. I think you should make the dish on your own and share the recipe here, Miss :hihi.
    Ah, Batagor. I remember that in my college years I could eat a portion of this everyday :haha. It’s one of the cheapest food I could afford at that time :huhu. I used to buy this in front of a supermarket near my college–and I think it’s one of the best.
    Maybe I should pay the vendor a visit…

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