This week’s challenge is to write about actually meeting another blogger, but the thing is I’ve never done it. So it’s rather difficult to picture how my first meet up would be as different blogger would have different personality hence the atmosphere would not be the same I reckon.

Anyway, if you happen to be in Melbourne, I think the State Library would be a good place to get together for a start. But don’t imagine a boring library full of books, this library has many things going on. Firstly, the architecture is quite fascinating, I always like building structure that takes me back in time. On top of that, there are always exciting exhibitions, interestingΒ talks and lectures, story time for children and a dome guided tour. See, we can spend hours here just roaming through the sections and getting to know each other. We can also go down to a cafe on the first floor of the library to get something to nibble on and pair it with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate the Melbourne style.Β 

The La Trobe Reading Room

The La Trobe Reading Room

If conversation extends to lunch or dinner, we can go out of the library and hop on the free inner city tram and go to a nearby restaurant. The library is located in the main business district so we have plenty of restaurants to choose from. You just name what kind of cuisine you are in for that day and I’ll lead the way. Then, we can shake off the calories by strolling the streets of Melbourne downtown and finally part at Flinders Station which is the central station of this city.

Both images are taken from Wikipedia.


51 thoughts on “[EF] Meet Me

  1. You met me Mbak Mikan. Ihik. Anyway I’m picturing having a nice long chat with you in the library Mbak. We chatted for hours with our little rascals friends, laughed on so many things and then after we moved to nearby diner. Aaaak when will it happen yaa. πŸ˜€

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  2. I was going to comment on Dani’s comment about talking in library. But you already answer it. πŸ˜€

    Such a lovely library Mba. Big… would I be happy or bored if I am there *confused*.

    I only focus on your last paragraph – dinner. πŸ˜€

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  3. Melbourne! I guess, if BEC’ers have an info that you will coming home, they want to meet up with you Mbak Mikan. πŸ˜€
    Or may be…we make a trip to Melbourne? Hahahaha please stopping me!

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  4. I had mistaken “reading room” with “trading room”, since firstly I thought that the room is in a stock market building (guess I’m too tired from this hectic day).
    Lots of eating is my favorite :haha. And I’m ready for new culinary experiences! :hihi.

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  5. kalo ada postingan fasilitas keren di luar negri,suka latah pengen komen “kapan indonesia punya kaya gitu” *tahan *tahan

    kalau ketemuannya ditempat keren gitu, jadi gak fokus meet up deh mbak,tapi jeprat jepret hahaha


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