Who doesn’t like a great, dirt-cheap yet useful gift idea?

Today is another story on my husband (sorry πŸ˜…). On the 18th of last month, he celebrated his birthday. Actually, we wanted to have our wedding on the same date to be practical since I have heard of unnecessary conflicts because someone’s spouse forgets their anniversary, birthdays, and what have you. Too bad it was a weekday last year so we changed the date but that’s not the point of this post.

What I want to talk about is his gift (you’re thinking why???). For gift giving, I like to stay original and present something from my own resources.Β It feels awkward to buy my husband a gift from the money he earns (I am still honing my career as a Stepford wive here). He doesn’t mind it at all but the idea just doesn’t sit well with me. So I thought real hard of something simple but precious that I could get him, then a coupon book idea hit me!!!

Coupon books don’t seem to be very common in Indonesia, but they are widely used in the States and Australia. Some people make a coupon book from coupons they cut out of a local newspaper or some discount offers they find on the back of their supermarket receipts. You can even purchase a whole book of discounts for many things.


Image courtesy of Etsy

My DIY coupon book is composed of various treats for my hubs. Living just the two of us, we pretty much split all the household chores and rotate our cooking turns. You get sick of these routines fast but there’s just no way around it unless you wanna pay somebody to do them. Hence, I figured he would really enjoy simple luxuries from time to time. I varied his coupons on the household routines, spa type of treatments like a 30-minute back rub / a home facial treatment to some cooking requests. I also made several blank coupons which he can fill in to his heart desire. A total of 36 coupons, 3 each month until his next birthday :). Actually he can use as many as he wants in a month, that’s just my calculation.

It’s pretty easy to find some real cute templates and DIY guides on coupon books online. Google will present you with endless websites to choose from. All you have to do is buy some a stack of sturdy, nice paper, follow a design online or design your own, print your coupons and cut them out. Easy peasy!!
What’s your brilliant gift ideas?

Feature image courtesy of followpics.me


55 thoughts on “Le Cadeau

  1. How creative! Hadiah yang sangat berkesan. Saya jadi teringat sebuah buku yang saya baca tentang hadiah kupon, dan memang kupon-kupon kecil itu bisa jadi mozaik kenangan yang indah dan bermakna sekali. Great gift, Miss.
    Btw, DIY itu apa Mbak? :malu

    Liked by 1 person

    • Terima kasih sekali lagi….hahaha iyaaa itu memang yang paling enak karena semua dikerjain sendiri jadi aku masukin aja semuanya apalagi klo udah macam bersih2 kamar mandi, motong rumput, semua yang bikin males hihiihi


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