Hari Sabtu ini super laid back. Sebenarnya nggak sih, tadi pagi dimulai dengan tes darah untuk medical check up gratisan hehehe tapi kayaknya kelamaan puasa jadinya lemes banget seharian habis itu. Keleyengan terus wlopun udah diisi makanan dan minuman – minuman bergula tingi. Napping kind of helped especially when I woke up to a table full of cooked meals, thanks to my husband *happy happy me*

Many were served: deep fried fish, steamed barramundi, cassava leaves cooked in yummy broth (no coconut milk – we are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle here), some grilled chicken and he even whipped up two jars of sambal bajak! A lovely feast indeed!! I guess no cooking is required this week. *huge grin*

Habis makan wlopun baikan masih berasa lemes *ini sih manja doang* Jadi tiduran lagi sambil nonton Mr. Popper and The Penguins yang kebetulan diputer on tv. Mayaaan ketawa-ketawa cukup bantu kesehatan badan. Emang bener kalo hati yang senang adalah obat.

Tiba-tiba denger musik kayak dangdut playing super loudly dari arah depan rumah. “What is going on?” I thought. Setelah didengerin baik-baik ternyata musik dari the Land of Curry. Jadi teringat bacaan sambil nunggu di klinik tadi – turmeric and a whole lotta pepper are supposedly really good for the liver.

Back to the cranked up tune, it is weekend after all. There seems to be a widely understood “curfew” here. Quiet hours start at 10pm on weekdays and midnight is the cut off on weekends, by that I mean Friday nights included. If you are planning to bust the rhymes all night long, one is supposed to inform the neighbors. Not by going around and knocking on people’s doors, but by giving a written notification in the nearby residents’ mailboxes. The notice also serves as an invite to join the event (this is only a common courtesy extended, people don’t usually join).

The music has now switched to some Turkish melody. I am adjusting my teli’s volume to match it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovely people!


37 thoughts on “Just Another Saturday

  1. Dan hasil check up-nya adalah… *jreng jreng*
    Semoga hasilnya baik-baik saja.
    Pengetahuan baru soal “the curfew” dan “common courtesy extended” itu. Sopan santunnya terjaga benar antartetangga, ya! Meskipun kesan saya agak sedikit berjarak gara-gara written notification itu *hehe, menurut saya sih, meskipun saya sebenarnya lebih suka cara seperti itu*.

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  2. Here, the unofficial curfew is also at 10pm, meaning you shouldn’t operate your machines (washing machines & dryer) after. Since we live in an apartment, a notice posted on the cork board in the entrance hall is enough πŸ™‚


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