My head was spinning thinking about this week’s challenge. My brain just went blank and had no idea what to write at all. The topic is pretty amusing actually, if you’re given a chance to get something from Doraemon’s magic pocket, what would it be? I am sure everyone, at least in Indonesia and Japan, has had some encounter with Doraemon. It was a part of my childhood’s TV series on weekends which means this show has been around for quite sometime.

Anyhow in regards to this week’s theme, I suddenly thought of Archie Comics which was another favorite of mine growing up. Aside from the main characters, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, I vaguely remembered Archie having a robot lackey at home, or was it in the movie? I think I am getting this all mixed up but anyway that’s what I want – a robot butler! Someone invented a robot vacuum cleaner which is currently selling off the roof in the market here so I am sure that a robot butler is not asking too much 😛

Living abroad, I can never get away from my daily routine of cooking, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, doing this and that, all by myself (well my husband helps too). There is not a day that goes by without some type of household chores. Sometime I also want to kick back and relax. An all around robot butler would allow me to do just that. I would be able to doze off early or lie in bed all day if I want to because someone is doing the household tasks for me.

This all rounder toady of course can do everything that I ask him to. For one, he’ll be able to do all my cooking and baking based on my request. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking but smelling the fragrant of onions and garlic at the tips of my nails and in my hair everyday gets old too after a while. On top of that, he will clean and even give me and my husband back rubs (aha!!). I can also give him my schedule and to do list for him to remind me. Hey I am liking this robot assistant idea more and more!!

As a tribute to the comic, I will name my robot butler Archie. A simple wish but it sure will have a great impact on my life if granted. And you guys, what do you have in mind?

Image courtesy of marketmenot

30 thoughts on “[EF] Simple luxury at home

  1. I, Robot – was in my head while I was reading this post Mba Mikan. Hihiihi. Even though a bit scary, having a robot in my house will be a great help. They don’t lie, don’t cheat and don’t need extra emotional treatments. With proper maintenance the robot will last longer than a human assistant. Haha.

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