Years ago phones were meant only for making calls and computers for sending emails. Things have changed. We are surrounded by gadgets everywhere. Now, I can’t imagine living without my smartphone, my ipad and my laptop (yes, I still own one instead of a tablet). They have surely made my life easier in a lot of ways.

My phone is one of the essential things I must have when I leave the house after my specs and wallet. It has become a crucial information hub for me that without it I would be lost, literally. Living abroad, I use it to check train and bus schedules, get directions, buy movie tickets, reserve restaurants and more importantly to communicate with family and friends back home. Thanks to these cutting-edge electronics, I was also able to maintain a long-distance relationship with my now husband. In addition, I can go on different voyages around the world just by a few simple clicks and what’s great about it is these trips don’t cost a dime (well except for my internet bills). To top it all off, these gadgets help me to stay productive and even aid me to make some money.

Nevertheless,  these technological advancements bring both a blessing and a curse. I am sure we can all  talk about how these devices have added tangible benefits to our lives, but frankly I and probably you too have suffered from some type of dependency on them more than we should. I realize that whenever I have a spare moment,  I’m probably on my phone checking email, reading news or messaging a contact on WhatsApp. Or worse yet, last year there were many nights when I hit the sack in the wee hours because I was hooked on these electronics. I was not on a certain deadline nor was I reading anything important – it was just because I couldn’t control myself. Consequently, I experienced some neck and back pain from staring down on the screen far too long, totally mixed up sleeping hours, and some soreness in the eye.

It seems that especially in our down time, we get online to find entertainment on a screen, even when our family – spouse, children, parents – and friends are available to chill with in person. That’s sad and I am guilty as charged. Knowing this, I am determined to make some changes. It’s all about finding the right balance. I try to discipline myself and set some limits. At home, after work, we put our devices down and talk to each other instead. We agreed to use our gadgets only for an hour after dinner. The same goes when I am with other people. I put my phone in my bag and give them my full attention.

Gadgets should not compromise the quality of my life such as my health and relationships in which my best friends are only online. So these days, I enjoy my electronics responsibly. I try to balance my face to face time with Facebook, blog, Twitter and keep in mind that the view nature paints outside is still prettier than any picture will be.


29 thoughts on “[EF] How Gadgets Affect My Life

  1. Klo aku eliminasi banyak app Mbak.. Kerjaanku dgn hp paling yg bhub dgn blog2an aja.. Udah gak nonton2 dan gak kepoin timeline atau status FB temen2.. Tp ttp masih PR banget nih ttg manajemen waktu, msh belum maksain ada waktu utk belajar, sementara utk bs bener2 ngerti aku butuh ekstra belajarnya.. 😦


    • Menej waktu itu beneran susah banget deh. Sekarang ini untuk pertama kalinya aku ga hold a day job seumur hidup, jadi keenakan plus jadi kebablasan. Thn baru membenahi diri, strict bgt dgn komitment wktu yang sdh disetujui diri sendiri hehee..ayo lebih disiplin bersama2 Nit!

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  2. I love your last sentence: “the view nature paints outside is still prettier than any picture will be”. So look up from your phone and see the real things in this world, cause we’re only live once 🙂


  3. Well, I think I against your final line, because the picture you have in this post is indeed as pretty as its natural view 😊 #asli bukan gombal 😄 Well written Mba Mikan, so many informations sent in such a ‘short’ post 😊 Do you mind sharing some tips? 😉

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    • Thank you Andin. Now information goes with much and not many 😁 (once a grammar nazi, always a grammar nazi). For me simplicity is best. I always start by jotting down the main ideas and developing them from there. I keep my sentences simple and on point to help me stick to my main topic. Once I am done writing, I let it park for some time. So when I come back to it, I’ll be able to edit the unnecessary and restructure my writing if I find some ideas don’t flow nicely.


  4. When I went abroad for several days last year with a young lecturer from my campus, I realized that my gadget is more useful than what I thought. At that time, we did not buy any local SIM card so we depended on internet connection to communicate, checking weather information, and so on. 🙂 Here, I often use my tablet only to check the social media notifications (poor me).

    …the view nature paints outside is still prettier than any picture will be.
    I love that closing, Mba Mikan. It feels so warm and sweet 🙂

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