It’s the second week of English Friday already! Beware as this might bore you to death.

Wildest dream to me is not only talking about some unachievable ambition or a super crazy imagination that is unattainable. Rather it also speaks of a cherished aspiration, one’s greatest goal or a desired position in life. In that sense, mine would be to become a turnaround specialist. This profession came about as a result of periods of economic and financial distress that pose special challenges to companies around the world. Unstable business climate often forces companies to downsize to revive its economic health, sometimes even going as far as chopping a layer of their senior talents. Turnaround specialists help with this. They enter a company with a fresh eye, knowledge and skills to guide companies back to profitability and safety.

I can see some of you yawning already. Didn’t I tell you that this is going to be painful?Β 

So I marched on following my grail. Applied to a bunch of jobs including a position with a well-known global consulting company which I really wanted. Failed in the last interview, I decided to take up a position in the financial industry in Dublin, Ireland. Why?? Because I am random. No, I took it because I was curious about that part of the world. At that time, many American companies outsourced their financial operations in Dublin, hence the opportunity.

A call home three months later brought me back to Indonesian soil. Not knowing what to do yet, I sent my resume to a global bank, the first one on a list that a friend provided. Years after, I found myself honing a career as a banker until a new life calling summoned me to a different path. Turnaround specialist remained a fantasy.

Having a fresh start, I guess allows me to have a second try at becoming a company doctor. Will I pursue it again? I am not sure yet. Whatever I will end up doing, I want to come back home one day and share it with the young generation – for a smarter Indonesia.

In the mid-term, I long to be the best mother I can be (I am still praying for those bundles of joy to come) and a better citizen of the world.

Photo courtesy of Robert T.


54 thoughts on “[EF] Wildest Dream – for real?

  1. Wow. I can really see you as a turnaround specialist. A great one. πŸ™‚
    However. Wishing you with tons of prayers for the bundles of Joy. Thank you for sharing yiur dream Ms. Orange! May I still use it btw?

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      • Yeay!!! *anaknya gampang seneng klo diajak ketemuan*

        I guess there are a lot of new proffesion in this era. Like a vine artist, I never know it before but that profession is exist. I need to increase my knowledge hahaha…

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  2. Knpa di pangil ms orange mba?. Tulisan mba ni slalu ada pembuka isi trus penutup. Keren. Suatu saat nanti Balik lg ke indo? Jd ingt iwan stiawan penulis 9 summer 10 autum itu loh mba. Sdh baca bukunya blm?

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  3. Mba Mikaaan… I never heard about turnaround specialist before.. until I found out in google about that profession.. πŸ™‚
    baca blognya mba Mikan, bener2 membuka pengetahuan deh..;))
    and hopefully, you will have a bundles of joy this year.. ;)))


    • Dessssiiiiiiiii (following in the same tone), it’s not one of the most populars profession, so again I am not surprised you had to google it. Thank you for reading and a big amen to your kind prayer 😘


  4. wow, just heard turnaround specialist mba Mikan and understand it when I read your post, I think it is cool. I admire you even though we never met before, I can see the power of your post, it inspires me a lot.


  5. *open dictionary*
    i just scroll up and down again and again.
    and on the comment i just want ask a simple question.
    what is it turnaround specialist? *ketauan banget nggak paham postingannya πŸ˜€


  6. Mba Mikan, I love this post, it’s inspiring and well-composed (not like mine which is too random :D). Like other commenters, I never know that profession before. But, after reading your explanation, I understand that turnaround specialist is a great job, and I hope your dream will come true πŸ™‚

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