I have been quite fortunate to have had a glimpse of life in different parts of the world. But what do you know, when I thought I was settling down, a new route was set for me. Most people would agree that change is not easy. It is inevitable and does not stop even for the faint-hearted. So when you are passing mid 30s, packing up your suitcase and crossing the borders (again) takes a whole lot of courage because your tolerance for nerve-racking, roller coaster rides spirals down as your age adds up.

I embarked on my new journey 4 months ago. On this “trip”, I had gone on countless brunches and coffee dates – exploring, exchanging ideas, picking on other people’s brains. Much to my dismay, the outlook is rather grim. Apparently, Aussies do not give much credit to your past. No matter how persistent you have applied yourself and worked relentlessly at your profession, they simply do not matter here if you do not have any local experience. You can not just roll into a new setting and pick up where you have left off. Life in the land Down Under definitely means you have to start all over again.

I contemplated long and hard towards the end of the year, putting things in perspective. I had abandoned making new year’s resolutions a long time ago. Instead, I think only about my ultimate goal for that year.

My word for 2015 is bright. It represents everything that I hope for and a positive attitude on whatever new adventures this year will bring. I refuse to be conquered by my own fear, but I choose to embrace life to the max. Making new friends, adapting to surfers’ lifestyle, loving wombats and wallabies as well as starting my career from scratch. I am going to let God to do something great and that begins by me letting go of bitterness, guilt, grudges and making room for the beauty. How about you?

*This is a submission to Blog English Club [BEC] – English Friday. BEC is a brand new  community of Indonesian bloggers who convenes virtually three times a week to improve their English.

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44 thoughts on “[EF] Leaving on a jetplane

  1. Iya yg pertama pasti adaptasi.. Keputusan yg ngak mudah, smga tahun ini smuanya jauh lbih baik, dpt tmn baru, kerjaan jga lancr pokonya smua yg baik mba.

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  2. Ah it is 9 January at your place now. You have kicked off the chain 😉

    Like you I only want to focus on positive things although this doesn’t mean I ignore the negative ones. Being positive leads us further in our development as human being. This is beautifully written. I wish you luck and courage for this.

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    • It certainly is and I don’t know why WP is showing Jan 8 because it was posted after midnight.
      Anyway, yes positivity brings hope and it fuels us to keep going. Thanks a heap mb Yo!!


  3. Awww. Love your post very very much. It’s as Mba Yo said beautifully written, wishing you (and I’m) sure that the bright future will always be there for you. There are so many things I can learn from you. *warm big hugs*

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  4. Love this to the max mba!!! To focus on positive things is really hard, I might say. But really, we need that to shine 🙂
    Like Rihanna said, “Shine bright like a diamond!!!”

    PS: I wanna write like you wrote mba, could you share some tips on how to do that, relating one word to another.. ehehehe

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    • Thanks very much San. I love your enthusiasm! It took me years to improve my writing and still a long way to go. Books and movies help me a lot. I like idioms too. I talk to myself (I know I am weird) or repeat things in my head until I get it. Next is to try to incorporate it in my writing 😊

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  5. love the way you write it… I really need to learn to compose good sentences…. I consult my dictionary for few words above…hehehehe

    yeah! a brighter future through positive things in our mind 🙂
    nice to know you mba Mikan

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