Following my first 820 visa post, I think it would also be useful to share about the estimated cost. But first of all, happy new year to everyone!!!! Wishing you all a wonderful wonderful and prosperous year. Before I dive into this post, I have received many questions on my name, Ms. Orange. Actually it was by accident that a Japanese speaker friend told me that my name, Mikan means tangerine/orange in Japanese so it has stuck with me ever since hueheuheuhue….(who would ever thought ‘Lil Ms. Orange ends up in the Land Down Under where Oranges reside?) *bingung kanz? hihihi..fyi orang osi suka disebut orange*

Anyhow, so how much damage will this visa thing do to you bank account?? I am nervous to find out myself as I haven’t summed it all up. And this is just a guesstimate because mine is still in the process too. Kalau dirinci sih lumayan juga (lumayan nyekek that is) detilnya sebagai berikut:

Salam tempel sidik jari: IDR 100,000

Foto passpor: IDR 50,000

Salam tempel surat pengantar SKCK: IDR 100,000

SKCK: IDR 15,000

FBI Criminal History Check: USD 18

DHL untuk FBI: IDR 634,000

Ongkos telepon follow up FBI: AUD 84

Fotokopi dan print outs: AUD 30

Partner visa: AUD 4,575

Estimated Health Check: AUD 400 (perkiraan karena sedang menunggu instruksi check up)

Total cost: AUD 5.201.4

Yep, I know, love isn’t cheap. You’re sitting there thinking why even do it?! Why not just find a man of the same nationality and get hitched? Well I never saw this coming myself. LOL. I guess when the cupid’s arrow flies, it knows no border.

But wait, it doesn’t end there. Visa costs are constantly changing. Unfortunately in 2015, the Australian government has decided to increase the fees by 50 per cent, thus you are now looking at AUD 6,865.50 only for the partner visa *glek*

Intinya…ya siap-siap aja karena harganya mendaki terus, meleng dikit doi udah naik lagi dan situasi tiap orang berbeda-beda. Ada yang butuh salam tempel untuk beberapa hal seperti gue, tapi ada juga yang dengan senyum manis dan jabat tangan selesai. You just never know…


12 thoughts on “How much will it set you back?

  1. Wow ms. Orange, meaning that you have so much money in your bank account then? *huahahahahaha
    The type of question that will be asked by someone definitely.
    Cinta emang mahal Ms. Orange. Beneran deh, it cost you the whole life. Tapi layak banget diperjuangkan kan? *ihiikk!!!

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